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*Beautiful Brains is an Exclusive Distributor of Acryla Tec ATC-200 Safeguard Top Coat for US Government and its affiliates and the manufacturer of ProTech 1000 and BondTech 1000.

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Acryla Tec Coating (ATC-200) is the military grade version of ProTech 1000. It includes a proprietary additive and is an exclusive product for the Department of Defense and U.S. Military.

ProTech 1000 is an acrylic/polymer hybrid, multi resin, water-based, single component, industry-tested, advanced closed-cell coating system to prevent corrosion, double the length of reapplication periods, reduce downtime, and extend the life cycle of critical infrastructure and components.

BondTech 1000 is a primer that provides an additional layer of protection, making it an ideal addition to roofing projects.

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Introducing the Advanced Closed Cell Coating System

ProTech 1000 and ATC-200 are a unique closed-cell coating technology is designed to be permeable to liquid vapor and air that accelerate corrosion, blistering, cracking, popping, peeling, and deterioration of typical industrial paints.

Adheres To Any Surface

*The only material it will NOT adhere to is silicone or silicone-based materials



Galvanized Metal











The benefits of ProTech 1000 and ATC-200

Case Study

5-Year Marine Testing

Carnival Legend Cruise Ship

Project Type: Corrosion Protection Coating System

Project Outcome: After 5 years of testing in Marine Environment, there was no indication of further corrosion where applied.

In 2014, ATC-200 was tested onboard the Carnival Legend Cruise Ship docked in Freeport, Bahamas. Real-life, real-time exposure is the ultimate test of any coating system.

Specifically, HVAC systems are very corrosive environments internally and externally. In a marine environment, like the Carnival Cruise Ship, they face even greater challenges to keep operational.

This type of moisture heavy environment necessitates the frequent application of protective coatings.

After applying ATC-200 to the HVAC ventilation system, it was determined to have outperformed all other proactive coating systems, showed no signs of failure points, had little to no signs of deterioration, is expected to last significantly longer than other coating systems, and protected the substrate as planned.

The ATC-200 System encapsulated rust and prevented further corrosion utilizing its advanced closed cell coating system technology.

ATC-200 Coating for HVAC Systems has outperformed many coating systems. Annual inspections showed the ATC-200 to be performing better than expected as it had little to no signs of deterioration and projected the substrate as planned. I cannot say this form many coating systems during my career at the Space Center. I am greatly pleased with this ATC-200 System.

Joseph Curran

Chief Corrosion Engineer at Carnival Legend

Frequently Asked Questions

100% Acrylic/Polymer Hybrid Resin (no additives or fillers) acrylic single component, closed-cell coating.

It will adhere to almost any surface, Steel, Aluminum, Galvanized, Glass, Concrete, Tile, Wood Canvas, Fiberglass, Insulation/foam, Shingle, Rubber, Plastic (with a plastic adhesive).
The only material it will NOT adhere to is silicone/silicone-based material.

The surface must be clean, dry and stable.

It will last for over 5 years in the pail.

The coating is closed-cell which means it does not breathe or allow any air, liquid to penetrate and touch the surface which was coated.

Protech 1000 and ATC-200 are working in the performance temp. range of (+200 F° to -100 F°) // (+93°C to – 73°C)

Standard colors are white & grey.

For an extra fee, we can supply any color needed for the project. 

We can resist most types of chemicals on the Ph scale from 1-14.

It takes approximately one week for a full cure, 1-4 hours for a coat to dry, ATC needs 2-4 coat coverage for the desired performance.

ProTech 1000 and ATC-200 can last between 5-7 years before recoating is needed for maximum protection. The waterproofing ability will last longer than 10 years, regular inspections are recommended.

ProTech 1000 and ATC-200 can be applied over most coatings and will adhere very well, the only issue is if the undercoating delaminates from the surface then ATC will be rendered unusable.

We generally cut the prep time compared to other coatings by more than half.

ProTech 1000 and ATC-200 must be applied between 55°F to 100 °F / 13°C to 37°C for optimum results. Even in a controlled environment, the dew point needs to be checked as well.

Heavy Coverage: Waterproofing, vapor barrier and heavy corrosion resistance 22 mils / 540 microns

General Coverage: Thermal and light corrosion resistance 11 mils / 270 microns. 

Any surface above +200 F° / + 93°C

Any surface below -100 F° / – 73°C

Areas that will come into contact with cleaning thinners

Silicon/silicon-based substrate

*on Plastic Substrates, Plastic adhesion bonding coating must be applied before ATC can topcoat over it

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