Revolutionary Industrial Products

We supply solutions to both commercial and government entities.  We find and develop technologies that guard against the threats of today.  When supply chains or product manufacturer relationships don’t exist, we build them for our customers.

Industrial Products

Our products meet the threat of today with Protective Technology that’s coming to market.

BeauGuard Coating Manufacturer & Distributor

We’ll solve the customer problem, whether that’s utilizing one of our BeauGuard products or established distribution network.

BeauGuard Defense

Advanced Marine Grade Coating Proprietary Military Formula (for Government use only)

BeauGuard Bond

Specialty bonding agent and primer, used to pre-coat porous substrates

BeauGuard Armor

Advanced Marine Grade Industrial Coating for superior substrate protection

BeauGuard Shark

Advanced Marine Grade Non-Skid (Floor) Industrial Coating

BeauGuard Fiber

Advanced Marine Grade Fiber Filler Industrial Coating to effect repairs.

BeauGuard Grip

Advanced Marine Grade Non-Skid (Grip) Industrial Coating

We are a licensed distributor of other name-brand products. Call us to get the right solution.

Solutions to your coating needs

Advanced coating products to prevent reapplication.

Our products prevent corrosion, blistering, cracking, popping, peeling, and deterioration of typical industrial paints.

BeauGuard Coatings Adheres To Most Surfaces

*The only material it will NOT adhere to is silicone or silicone-based materials



Galvanized Metal








The benefits of our Industrial Coating Products

M/ARC (Patented): Mobile/Advanced Reconfigurable Containers

We are experienced in working through innovation and procurement processes to deliver fresh innovations & products to meet the needs of our US Military.


Matte Black

Olive Drab

Desert Brown

Air Force Gray

Reconfigurable design enables swift & efficient packing, storage, deployment and employment of loose, non-standard cargo, hard to access contents as well as standard supply and equipment packages.

Interchangeable and modular containers accommodate oddly shaped cargo and expedite weighing & inspection.

Mobile and stackable design allows movement without the need for forklifts and dunnage enabling rapid loading/unloading and positioning at port or area of need.

The lightweight and durable units are airtight and pressure-regulated, leakproof, corrosion resistant, and impervious to insects and rodents.

Current Containers

M/ARC containers

Sourcing & Distribution Partner

Call us from your smallest to your largest piece of business.

Re-engineering – threat informed technology. We tap into our already established network of partners and build new relationships to solve your problem. We specialize in several product capabilities.

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